Meeting 15th May 2007

Present: J Walker, W McPadden, W Mallan, R Morrison, J Parkhill, J Weldon

Minutes Approved: 17-Apr-07



Proposed: R Morrison

Seconded: W Mallan

1. J Walker wrote to Scot rail about the possibility of increasing the frequency of trains and about improvements to the station.

2. J Walker informed every one of the proposals put forward by PSD for improving facilities within Drumsagard Village. A small multi sports pitch and a large multi sports pitch and provide an open piece of flat grassed land and also improve pathway into the regeneration park.

3. We will enquire about grants on offer from the Evening Time Newspaper.

4. Ask SLC what help they can provide, i.e. maintenance of these facilities.

5. It was agreed by all present at the last committee meeting that we would make payment to the maintenance of the Domain Names

Proposed by J Parkhill and Seconded by W Mallan

6. It was also agreed that R Morrison would Chair the next committee meeting being held on the 19th of June 07.

Chairperson: Mr J Walker

Secretary: Mr W McPadden